Family of Blades - Full Release

Hi everyone, 

I'm proud to announce the official standalone release of A Family of Blades!

This means, put simply, that A Family of Blades is now a complete product. Everything you need to play you can find within the PDF, no additional resources or SRDs required. In addition, there's been quality of life updates to the Reference and Crisis Sheets, including a new Player's Reference in the former to continue the game's push towards new player friendliness.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Family since it released in Early Access last August. Your help has been essential and meant that I could make this game the best version of itself. With that said, if you have any feedback about anything you think could help Family be even more streamlined or new player friendly (or just notice a typo I missed), please don't hesitate to let me know via Twitter!

Thanks again and I hope you stay tuned for my future projects!

– A.C. Luke


A Family of Blades v1.0 (singles).pdf 14 MB
May 02, 2022
A Family of Blades v1.0 (spreads).pdf 14 MB
May 02, 2022
FoB Reference Sheets.pdf 145 kB
May 02, 2022
FoB Crisis Sheets.pdf 103 kB
May 02, 2022

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Congratulations on the full release!


Thank you!