Family of Blades - Version 1.1

Hi everyone, 

Version 1.1 of A Family of Blades has been released!

This update brings us one step closer to the full release version (2.0). In addition to an extra editing pass, this version includes new artwork and ten new pages describing the five playbooks in greater detail. Please note that there has been an update to the Wrap-up Roll rules too, adjusting how the crew builds their dice pool.

Future updates will likely focus on moving Family towards being an entirely self-contained product, with a focus as ever on streamlining the core Blades rules for ease of learning and playing.

Thanks again for your support and stay tuned!

– A.C. Luke


Family of Blades EA v1.1.pdf 11 MB
Sep 15, 2021
FoB Reference Sheets.pdf 135 kB
Sep 15, 2021

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