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Heartbreaker (Trifold) is a tabletop roleplaying game about dungeons and danger, designed as a pamphlet-sized bridge between the world's oldest roleplaying game and Evil Hat's narrative-driven Fate system.

If you want to expand the roleplaying horizons of a group of adventurers in a familiar setting, print off enough pamphlets for your entire group and you're ready to go.


Heartbreaker requires a copy of Fate Accelerated, which you can download PWYW here.


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Heartbreaker Trifold (A4).pdf 633 kB


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Fantastic publication! I'd like to translate it (well I've actually already done that), would that be possible/would you mind? :)

Why the 3 boxes next to Magical Training? Love the elegance of this game. 

Thank you! The three boxes are to indicate you can take the Magical Training stunt up to three times, if you want to choose additional schools of magic.

Oh! I think I get it. The Magical Training stunt only gives a +1 bonus. When I read the description, I thought the +1 was only one additional school. Just to compliment again, I really love the elegance and economy of this game. The design, the flavor...it's all perfect. I cannot wait to bring it to the table.

hi! This game its amazing! The reason that school of magic gets +1 instead of +2 is becouse it's more open to possibilities, is that right?

Thank you so much! And you're correct, that's the idea.