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Hi, I would like to make a proposal to translate Wolf Head into Korean.

Could you check the your twitter DM?

How many pages is Wolf Head.pdf?


The pdf is 24 pages.


Quick check. 

On page 10 in the roll section 6 is listed twice. I'm thinking the second one is meant to be 1-3.

Again this is good stuff. Great use of ideas from other systems in a slim but evocative form. Cheers

AC this is the bomb. I love the set up and flow. I especially appreciate the campaign map and the tools to run the game.


I think it's super cool looking! Great Idea!


"ferment" -- you mean to say "foment" revolution

Fixed, thanks!

Also, MARTYR is missing an R (playbook).

just a quick note: your game is in the “Games” category, while it should rather be in the “Physical games”.


So it is! Thanks for spotting that.