Version 1.1

As promised, Fey Fire has been updated to Version 1.1!

Most importantly, this means quickstart/reference sheets have been added, as well as a set of playbooks that let you start with all of your archetype information already on your character sheet. In addition, I've taken this opportunity to make a number of small editing updates to the main Fey Fire book, as well as a couple of minor rules tweaks (changing to or from two-handed weapons is now a little less punitive, some foes—like Bosses—always inflict at least 1 Harm).

Thanks again for everyone's support in making these updates to Fey Fire possible!

– A.C. Luke


Quick Reference.pdf 125 kB
Sep 06, 2021
Archetype Playbooks.pdf 96 kB
Sep 06, 2021

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